I continue to find ways to organize my “new” studio space.  So, I thought I’d share one of my newest projects.

This old 27.5″ X 40″ frame has been kicking around for a good many years now and has been a great bulletin board, a memo board, and  sandwich board (with it’s partner).  As my button collection seems to reproduce when I’m not looking, I thought I’d use up some of them and decorate my old, tired frame.

Step 1:  I sanded and primed the entire frame.  Measured a nice piece of peg board and primed that as well.










Step 2: Paint the frame. I used a nice green to coordinate with my studio colors and painted the pegboard one shade lighter.














Step 3:  Now is the time for some button fun!  Use any old buttons you have lying around.  I used all clear or white for a kind of “sparkly” appearance.  I used white school glue to attach mine.  Let it dry at least overnight.













Step 4:  Attach peg board to the back of the frame.  This will depend on your frame and how it’s constructed.  If it sits flat against the wall, you’ll want to attach a couple of spacers to bring it out from the wall a bit in order to use peg board hangers like I did.














And, voila!  A gorgeous new piece of organizational art!!  What size frame will you use?  What will you use it for?

I’d love to hear about your ideas!



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