Pixie Dust Originals was created to challenge me to re-think future purchases and whether I really need to throw an item away. Can it be re-imagined into something “new”?

Definition: Upcycling is “The practice of taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value”. The term was coined in the book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things by William McDonough and Michael Braungart.

I’m currently reading this book, Cradle to Cradle, and am totally inspired to look at my world in a new and different way.

A little bit about me:

10 reasons I’m passionate about recycling/re-using/re-imagining:

  1. I love creating unique clothing, accessories, and home decor – going along with the crowd is just so un-exciting.
  2. There are far too many “things” in the world, many of which are floating in our beautiful oceans.
  3. I believe in beautiful things, but need to know where they come from, who they effect (during production and post consumer) and what impact they do/will have on the world.
  4. Vintage everything turns me on, especially handmade.
  5. It’s fun and challenging to reincarnate all sorts of items that have hit their “sell-by” date.
  6. It is very frugal and practical (a true New England trait!) to use items until they are disintegrated.
  7. There’s history in every little item made/created, each one deserves a chance at it’s own “nine lives”.
  8. Repurposing gives me a great reason to have a huge fabric stash.
  9. Waste not, want not!
  10. It feeds my soul.

My Creative Life:


  • Coloring on the wall with crayon at age 4 and claiming it with pride when Mom asked “Who did this?”
  • Begging to have my Mom sew an electric green denim pantsuit for me for the school dance in Junior High School, only to cringe and be horrified to see that the real thing was NOT like the pretty drawing on the front of the pattern. (Encouraging me to learn to sew for myself).
  • Realizing while going to school in Boston that I loved visiting the museums and peeking into the Arts School much more than I liked getting my Bachelors degree in International Business/Economics at B.U.
  • Absorbing European architecture and exploring photography while working in Germany after college.
  • Starting to sew handbags from fabric remnants on the weekends as a creative outlet during my less-than-inspiring corporate work years.
  • Getting involved with a local non profit that works with women in Afghanistan – helping them to create their own destiny to the extent possible with a business model and education center. Encouraging them to create embroidery to sell.
  • Leaving my corporate job and purchasing an existing upholstery business while being the creator of my own destiny!


  • Owning and operating an upholstery shop in Seacoast NH going on 13 years.
  • Starting a creative outlet for repurposing -Pixie Dust Originals- in a gorgeous, newly rennovated historic space that was once, ironically enough, a cotton & silk mill.
  • Networking with all kinds of wonderful, creative, innovative people through social networking.


  • Establishing the glorious new studio as a destination for purchasing unique pieces of art for the body and the home.
  • Continuing to hunt down someone elses worn out treasures to make them into new, loveable ones.
  • Passing on techniques and project ideas and continuing to connect with like-minded people through classes & blogging.

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