Being that I am setting up my studio in an old silk/cotton mill, I wanted to stay true to my new credo of upcycling/recycling. I took a good look around our house and found a nice old IKEA armoire, 2 old dressers discarded by a local university, an old bookcase my Dad had made in his early married years, an old sewing machine table, and my dresser from childhood. These items all became my new storage set up!

The old suitcases came from my Mom – well used and loved! The baskets came from an old trim stash passed down from the previous owner and the beautiful industrial sewing machine came from my studio mate’s sisters’ husbands’ family (boy, that’s a mouthful!) who used to be in the garment industry.

If one doesn’t have much to work with at home, this is where yard sales and thrift shops come in handy.

Or, perhaps your town has a “trash day” for larger items that one can take advantage of???

How do you get creative with repurposing/upcycling?

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